The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust

The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust

We are very excited to be supporting The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust this Christmas in their work of raising funds to make improvements to #CancerCare for patients – adults and children – across the Bromley Borough, South East London and Kent. Their aim is to change the lives of patients suffering from Cancer and Leukaemia.

The Chartwell Children’s Cancer Trust has helped to transform healthcare across the region, refurbishing medical facilities, providing patient and family support, and investing in innovation for young cancer patients by equipping schools with ‘No Isolation’ robots connecting seriously ill children to their classrooms digitally.

Our staff has been very generous and donated over 100 toys to bring some joy to the affected children this Christmas!

Thank you to Michelle from THE CHARTWELL CANCER TRUST for visiting us and explaining the benefits and brilliant idea behind the ‘No Isolation’ robot.

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