The Mk8 DTI (Data Transfer Interface) lets users know in real time how the boilers are performing, either on-site through its built-in touch screen, via a local PC, or remotely via a BMS system. It stores MM and EGA system data for a rolling 2 year period.


The DTI is a gateway for communicating with the Autoflame MM Controller and/or EGA range of products. The DTI collects and stores information from a maximum of 10 Autoflame Systems in one location. The information gathered is instantly available for transmission to an external source such as a BMS via RS422 or Ethernet link. The Mk8 DTI also includes Autoflame DTI Manager software as standard, allowing data collection over a local network or over the internet. The Mk8 DTI also supports the Modbus protocol over Ethernet and RS422 as standard.


Main Features
The DTI can collect information from up to 10 of each of the following Autoflame products:


  • Mk8 MM Controller, Mini Mk8 MM Controller or any combination
  • Autoflame Mk8 Exhaust Gas Analyser (EGA) linked directly to the DTI
  • Pressure sensor network – connect and monitor Autoflame Mk8 digital Gas or Air pressure sensors, with two years of data logs
  • Input/Output modules with both analogue and digital connections
  • Network Emails generated in the case of a fault or alarm

Universal Input/Output Unit

  • Detailed logging inputs and outputs when coupled with the Mk8 DTI
  • Allows integration of existing plant equipment
  • Ranging of analogue inputs and outputs via USB interface
  • Digital and analogue contained within one unit
  • Configurable alarms through Mk8 DTI
  • Analogue and Digital output control through Mk8 DTI
  • Up to 10 I/O modules available on a DTI/MM Controller system
  • 16 Line inputs (110V/230V)
  • 8 Volt Free Contacts
  • 6 Analogue Inputs (0-10V, 0-20mA & 4-20mA)
  • 6 Analogue Outputs (0-10V,0-20mA & 4-20mA)