Mini Mk9 MM

Perfect for industrial and commercial steam and hot water boiler applications, our latest innovation, the Mini Mk9 controller. A market-leading micro-modulating system, delivering optimised combustion and reliable burner management for connected and safe boiler rooms.  


Increase efficiency
Reduce fuel consumption by 7-12% over traditional linkage systems.


Reduce costs
Lower maintenance costs with an accurate positioning system.


Minimise emissions
Capable of reducing CO₂ emissions by 10%.


Fully connected
Wireless, hardwired, Direct Modbus, Direct BACnet. A total BMS solution with remote monitoring, reporting and data storage, accessible on your mobile device via the Mk9 Download Manager App.


Integrated automation & safety features
Fully automated flame safeguard, valve proving system, VSD control, scheduling, sequencing, and other automatic settings already integrated.


Easy install & commissioning
Steel construction 8” capacitive multi-touch screen with user friendly interface, also available as a control panel package.

Mk8 MM

The Mk8 MM Controller is a Micro-Modulating system that offers comprehensive control over industrial and commercial boiler/burners.


Manage virtually all boiler processes from a single 12.1” multi-touch screen interface without any added modules.


Ideal for steam and water boilers (watertube or firetube), kilns and steam generators. Designed for oil, natural gas or both fuels.


Linkageless servomotor system and automated flame safeguard create conditions for unmanned boilerhouse.


Modbus connectivity allows for remote monitoring and management.


Control more with software unlocks


Access codes unlock advanced features without the inconvenience of hardware changes or added modules:

  • Autoflame water level management
  • Analogue water level (requires Autoflame water level)
  • TDS/Top blowdown
  • Bottom blowdown
  • Draught control
  • Direct Modbus connectivity
  • First out annunciation
  • Fully metered, cross-limited control
  • Steam flow & water flow metering

Mini Mk8 MM

Perfect for industrial and commercial steam and hot water boiler applications, the Autoflame Mini Mk8 Controller offers cutting edge technology that can significantly reduce emissions and fuel costs.


Able to reduce fuel consumption by 5-7% over traditional linkage systems


Capable of reducing CO2 emissions by 10%


Repeatable, accurate positioning system reduces maintenance costs


Controls fuel, VSD, scheduling, sequencing and other automatic settings


Robust steel construction


Available in a control panel package


Main Features

  • Direct replacement for Mini MK7
  • Micro Modulation of fuel/air ratio control
  • 2 fuel curve capability
  • 3 servomotor channel control
  • 1 VSD channel control
  • Internal flame safeguard control
  • Full flame supervision with self-check UV, IR or ionisation flame detection
  • Self-check UV detection (optional)
  • Lead lag/IBS (Intelligent Boiler Sequencing)
  • Precise target setpoint control (PID)
  • 3 parameter trim, O2, CO2, & CO (requires EGA option)
  • NFPA compliant
  • Outdoor Temperature Compensation (requires OTC module)
  • Time clock feature

Autoflame Flame Safeguard

The Autoflame Flame Safeguard has been designed to replace a standard Flame Safeguard easily. As is the industry standard, the device will monitor the flame and control your burner outputs, pre-purge, light off, and release to modulate commands. In addition, you get a reliable, modern design and a customizable interface, along with a wealth of extra safety features.

  • Industry-wide compatibility
  • Easy setup
  • Stock available
  • Customizable touch screen
  • Fully Certified
  • Export and view system reports
  • Immediate failure reporting aids quick repairs
  • Safety options (UV, IR, or Flame Rod Supervision)


You can upgrade both the Mini Mk8 Flame Safeguard and the Mk8 Flame Safeguard into a complete fuel-air ratio controller to increase savings and available features with a simple software unlock.