Mini Mk9

Introducing the Mini Mk9

Perfect for industrial and commercial steam and hot water boiler applications, our latest innovation, the Mini Mk9 controller. A market-leading micro-modulating system, delivering optimised combustion and reliable burner management for connected and safe boiler rooms.  


Increase efficiency
Reduce fuel consumption by 7-12% over traditional linkage systems.


Reduce costs
Lower maintenance costs with an accurate positioning system.


Minimise emissions
Capable of reducing CO₂ emissions by 10%.


New Features

There are many interactive control and reporting screens accessible in every Mini Mk9 controller with no additional modules. Autoflame systems have been installed on tens of thousands of burners globally.

Introducing UV Flame Trim: Patented, unique technology, only available with the Mini Mk9!  

Unique in the market, the UV Flame Trim takes instantaneous readings from the heart of the flame and communicates them to the Mini Mk9 for combustion trimming – also ensuring that the burner is always firing safely.  


For maximum coat savings and safety, choose our ‘Closed Loop Feedback System’ 

Combine the Mini Mk9 with our patented UV Flame Trim and Mk8 EGA EVO (measures up to six exhaust gases) to achieve continuous and instant combustion trimming for maximum efficiency and safety, along with increased reliability and plant lifespan.  

Mk9 Download Manager App

New with the Mini Mk9, the app can transfer MM settings between units, and enables easy upgrades and software updates.  


  • Available on iOS, android, MacOS, and Windows
  • Wireless connection and updates to Mk9 devices, no internet/wires
  • MM Data, Diagnostics, and Long-Term Logs in a single download
  • Logos, splash screens, and screenshots
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