Servo Motors

Our precisely engineered servo motors are key to a linkageless boiler plant due to their 0.1° accuracy and robust design.

Flame Scanners

Ultra Violet scanners are traditionally used to prove the presence of a flame. The Autoflame MM controller incorporates a patented technology to prolong the life time of UV cells.


All sensors are specifically designed to work with the Autoflame Controllers in order to enhance safety. VPS ensures the integrity of gas valves, and gas/air pressure is accurately tracked through burner firing range.

Control Valves

Valves are manufactured to the highest tolerances using the latest CNC machining technology. Our extra attention to detail ensures accurate control of fuel delivery and repeatable performance.

Threaded and Flanged Gas

Spill Back and Metering Oil



Water Level Control

Maintaining proper water levels is critical in managing an industrial or commercial boiler. A combination of WL probes, automated Top Blowdown and Bottom Blowdown can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Top Blowdown

Bottom Blowdown

Water Level Probes

ATEX Approved Components available:

Small Servo Motor

Large Servo Motor

Industrial Servo Motor

Air Pressure Sensor

Gas Pressure Sensor

UV Sensor End View

UV Sensor End View Self Check

UV Sensor Side View Self Check