Santec Install | Brazil

Santec Install | Brazil

Successful completion of the great challenge of retrofit and commissioning of this impressive 28 MW multi-fuel burner #WTS for one of the most important timber companies in the world at its plant in Ponta Grossa, #Brasil. This burner is installed in a huge combustion chamber about 20m long, which supplies a 17 MW boiler and 2 dryers located quite downstream of the process. As fuels, Natural Gas and Wood Dust, #Pó, residual from the production process of the plant are used.

The peculiarity of this Pó (wood dust), makes it unfeasible to burn from scratch, always needing a stable gas flame to ensure the quality of the Pó flame. That is, in order to burn the Pó, you must previously be burning Natural Gas, reach the desired / necessary temperature in the chamber, about 850 ºC, and finally, carry out the fuel change in a controlled manner and without turning off the burner. This is known as “Change On the Fly – #COF“, and it is one of the most impressive functions included in our #Mk8 controller.

Due to the complexity of the production process, the #DCS of the plant and depending on various values of temperatures, pressures, steam flows and material load in the dryers, is responsible for externally modulating our #Mk8, delegating to us the safety and efficiency of combustion. This security is achieved thanks to the implementation of 3 UV flame detectors and one IR, all of high sensitivity and working in parallel; and position feedback from the gas servo motor and from the PO feed screw.

In addition to this, 2 more servo motors are available for the control of secondary and tertiary air to the burner, which ensures efficiency along with fuel control. The project also includes a #EGAMk8 Gas Analyzer and a #DTI for real-time remote control from your control room. During the last days, various trainings of plant personnel were carried out both at the foot of the boiler and from the remote control room.

From here, I would like to thank Stephen Huggett enormously for their teachings and sense of humor during the long working days, the guys from Santec Engenharia Industrial for their great work prior to and during the start-up, and the Autoflame Engineering Limited team for their great remote support. Cristiano Almeida Santos Creando de Almeida Chesterton Lima Marcos Paulo Steve Kemp Nadeem Iqbal Tom Garrett Zeyad Dujayli   – Guillermo Ceba, Technical Account Manager for LATAM.

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