Patriot Training School

Patriot Training School

We kicked off the first training of 2019 in Phoenix AZ with Patriot Boiler. We had a range of attendees from end-users to service technicians, with a couple of US Tech Centres sending their own techs down to the training. We had a good turnout of 24 attendees allowing everyone to utilise the 5 Mk8 MMs, 3 Mini Mk8 MMs, 1 Mk8 EGA Evo, 1 Mk8 DTI and 2 Limpsfield LC Burners. As well as external service technicians and end-users, we also had techs from Patriot Boiler, Desert Boiler and MacDonald-Miller.


The training was very informative, good balance between presentations and hands-on.
Great job, the training was definitely worth the trip down.


The training was well received, with a healthy combination of theory and practical learning aided by the 3 trainers: Tom Garrett (Autoflame), Nick Guy (Limpsfield) and Steve Huggett (BK Labtech). Our next training school will be hosted by GT Wilkinson in Braintree MA on 21st and 22nd May. We’ve also got training schools lined up in Naperville IL and Fort Myers FL, with more in the works to finish off the year. Keep an eye on our training page to see if there is a training school near you:

For more information on our International Training Schools, please contact Tom at

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