Ware Training School

Ware Training School

Last week Autoflame held a training school at Ware’s Boiler University Facility. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Ware is a 3rd generation family business, similar to Autoflame and was one of our first Tech Centres.

Ware’s Facility has an 80 seated auditorium, a selection of live fire boilers, two of which are installed with the latest Autoflame and Limpsfield products.

With Stephen Huggett, Keith Knowles and Steve Kemp alongside Gerald Blain, Ritchie Ware and Jude Wolf from the Ware Team in attendance, the hands-on training covered the basics of combustion through to good installation practice, commissioning the complete Autoflame system.

This included training on:

  • The Mk.8 MM Combustion Controller
  • The Exhaust Gas Analyser
  • The Data Transfer Interface


Potential customers got a great understanding of Autoflame systems while existing clients discovered further emissions and fuel savings that could be provided by their equipment. Autoflame also conducted a training school the previous week for Ware, which was held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, close to Ware’s Southern Office called the Valve Shop. This brings the number of Technical Training Schools to 12 so far this year, with many more to come. Here’s to a fantastic 20+ year partnership with Ware across the pond!

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