Cooper Tires is a leading global tire manufacturer with manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Dalkia manages and maintains all utilities services for the Cooper Tires plant at Melksham in Wiltshire, UK and first introduced Autoflame Micro Modulation control to one of the steam boilers in 2006.


This energy saving project saw Autoflame’s Combustion Management System retrofitted to the existing Hamworthy burner. In addition the Autoflame Exhaust Gas Analyser continuously monitors the boiler’s flue gas emissions and carries out ‘Combustion Trim’ using the O2, CO and CO2 values it reads. Making small changes to the amount of air going into the combustion process ensures commissioned levels are maintained throughout the firing range, despite changes in ambient conditions or gas pressure.


The Autoflame system worked seamlessly and reliably, improving efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. This led Dalkia to recommend Autoflame for the twin furnace boiler also on-site, and for maximum energy savings Cooper Tires decided to go further and replaced the burners too.


Limpsfield dual fuel burners were specified partially due to the performance guarantee that was offered. This is a money back guarantee that the Limpsfield Burners using Autoflame would be commissioned at 3% O2 throughout the firing range, with no more than a sub 10 ppm CO. All 3 burners at the Cooper Tires site in Melksham were upgraded to Limpsfield and Autoflame MK7‘s were installed into the existing panel’s onsite, and the Autoflame installed in 2006 was reutilised for the new burner.


Gas Savings were quickly realised with a 11% saving recorded by Dalkia within the first year of operation.


The Limpsfield Burners have been extremely reliable, and the project went smoothly without the need for the site to have a shutdown. Following the installation engineers from Cooper Tires attended a training school at Autoflame’s manufacturing facility in Biggin Hill and learnt more about the features of the Autoflame Mk7 MM Controller and EGA, and how to set up the options and parameters to suit Cooper Tires manufacturing facility.