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Zantingh burner installation





Autoflame and Zantingh have a long partnership of providing boiler systems to northern Europe. 


Autoflame works closely with Zantingh on a number of applications. Note the Autoflame servomotor in the bottom right. 

Zantingh offers full installation and maintenance services on all boilers.

Zantingh offers full installation and maintenance services on all boilers.


Zantingh particularly specializes in burner manufacturing and the installation of boilers in greenhouse applications. 



Any Zantingh burner/boiler installation can benefit from Autoflame controls. 

Our team can put together pricing for you on a retrofit, or help you specify the boiler controller you will need for your Zantingh Burner.


Complete Control

The Mk7 Controller is ideal for complete Zantingh burner control, whether we install it as a retrofit, or as a new purchase from the manufacturer. It enables a wide variety of fuel-saving capabilities that also improves performance.


Exhaust Monitoring

The EGA monitors, records and reports on all flue emissions, and enables three parameter trim.

Boiler servomotors, valves, sensors, probes and other spares for linkageless systems

Installation & Spare Parts

Autoflame supports all of the controls with its own line of servomotors, sensors, probes, valves, and other spares that it manufactures in-house. Autoflame also custom manufactures control panels to order. 

Local Support

We have local support that can provide you options for resolving any Zantingh Burner controller questions.


Need help? Contact us.

No matter where you are in the world, we have a support team in place. Contact us. We'll get back to you in less than one business day. 

Call us at: +44 (0)845 872 2001 (United Kingdom GMT) 

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