Considering Autoflame for your customers?

We are very selective about partners. OEM’s and Service Centres we select must meet our rigorous commitment to quality, they must keep up to date on annual training of our rapidly evolving product line, and their market strategy must not conflict with our existing well-established sales network. Contact us with the form at the side to learn more.

If your company is chosen you will quickly realize a number of benefits beyond our industry-leading products.


You will not experience quality issues with our products:

  • Our touchscreen controllers are encased in steel, and available in explosion-proof configurations for volatile conditions.
  • Our servos and valves are also steel, and the industry leader in strength and durability. We have literally driven cars over our servos without damaging them to prove their ruggedness.
  • Aside from a few small parts, everything we manufacture is produced under our roof. Our PCB’s are sourced a few miles away.
  • All R&D, engineering, production, technical support and servicing is performed in our headquarters near London, allowing us to have complete quality control.

As a result, fewer than 1% of all products are returned for a valid issue under our Two Year Factory Warranty.

Easy to Sell        

With many systems, you need to explain to the customer a variety of add-on costs:

  • Touch screen
  • IBS/Lead-Lag
  • Flame safeguard
  • Valve proving
  • Scheduling
  • VSD management

With our MM controllers, all of these features are standard. There is no haggling or second-guessing your quote as to whether a certain feature is needed in their plant. If they do not see the value in it now but wish to enable one of these features later, they only have to pay you for the labour of optioning it.

Easy to Upgrade              

After the sale, you can follow up for additional sales with more advanced features:

  • Our PCB expansion board allows an existing Mk7 Controller to offer water level control, blowdown/TDS, and draft control, without significant cost in materials. These integrated upgrades will prove significantly less expensive than bolt-on alternatives from other vendors that they would have to consider.
  • If the customer’s budget expands later to allow them to take advantage of the emission control and fuel savings benefits of exhaust analysis, our touchscreen Exhaust Gas Analyser (EGA) system is the only product available with 3 parameter trim.
  • If they wish to allow connectivity with Modbus, or simply view multiple boilers from a single touchscreen, our Data Transfer Interface can be a very attractive upgrade.

Easy to Commission

Because of the touchscreen simplicity and all-in-one nature of the Autoflame controller, commissioning typically takes half the time of many alternatives. This gives you greater ability to be competitive in your labour quotes, or it can present opportunities for increased profit margin.

Premium Option

Your prospects are more likely to convert to customers if they feel they have been presented a range of pricing options. Autoflame products are high quality, have a fantastic interface, and represent a premium value. Not everybody may want this, but offering Autoflame as an option will help you sell to those who do. This is a premium product that will result in premium margins for your company.


In 2014, Autoflame has introduced the Mk8 EGA and the Mini Mk8 Controller. Our EGA, DTI and MM Controllers all have advanced touchscreen interfaces. Unlike all of our competitors, our entire R&D budget is focused on Boiler Management Systems. By aligning with Autoflame, you are partnering with the innovation leader in the boiler management industry.

Service Support

You are always just minutes away from talking on the phone to a trained engineer in our Biggin Hill, England, headquarters. We pride ourselves in responding to all technical emails within one business day, and usually within the same day.


After more than 40 years, we have earned our reputation for reliability and consistency:

  • We have long-standing partnerships with OEM’s including Faber Burner, Hurst Boiler, John Zink, Johnston Boiler, Limpsfield Engineering, Powerflame, St Johnson, Webster Engineering and Weishaupt.
  • We have more than 60 service centres (we call them Technology Centres) worldwide.
  • We have twice won the British Queens Award For Enterprise.
  • We are the worldwide Vendor of Choice for one of the world’s largest and best-known chip manufacturers.

Sales Support

If you host one of our two-day training seminars, Senior Managers and Engineers at Autoflame will travel to your location and explain to your customers why our product and your company are their best option. This has become a proven formula for sales success over the past decade.

If you are interested in finding out if there is an opportunity to become a Technology Centre for your area, consult our coverage map or use the form above to contact us for more information.

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