Tech Centre Spotlight: PVR Technical Services


About the Tech Centre Spotlight:

With more than 90 Tech Centres around the planet, Autoflame has partnerships with a wide variety of businesses who support our products with outstanding installation and service. In this Tech Centre Spotlight we focus on the success of PVR Technical Services.

PVR Technical Services, LLC was formed in 1986 by Philippe Renaud Sr. and is located in central New Jersey. They install, sell and service commercial and industrial heating and cooling equipment. Their mechanics are factory-trained HVAC technicians with a diverse background in boiler and burner combustion controls, building automation, industrial and commercial air conditioning and heating.

Katelyn Reiss took some time to work with me on the following Tech Centre Spotlight, featuring 5 fantastic installation case studies. From all of us at Autoflame, thanks for taking the time to help us with this!



Ted Miller
Marketing Manager

Seven Questions:

1.  How long have you been with Autoflame?

We started with Autoflame in 1991-1994 by testing with the products and then we got serious in the years that followed. For about 22 years we have proudly represented Autoflame products.

2.  What geographic area do you cover?

We cover all of New Jersey.

3.  What markets are you most widely known for (industrial, commercial, manufacturing, schools, etc.)

Industrial and commercial, specifically Fortune 500 companies, greenhouses, pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, food and beverage companies, and non-profit organizations, such as universities, churches, and training facilities for the sight impaired.

4.  To what do you attribute your success?

We always put our best foot forward. We care about our customers and we care about every project we take part in, big or small. All of our employees have a love for learning and continue to renew and expand their knowledge of the industry, products, markets, etc. We create lasting relationships with companies and through our hard work and dedication, we always deliver.

5.  What are you most proud of?

We are very proud of the success we have achieved and what we have built PVR Technical Services, LLC into. We have expanded in ways we did not think we could. Just this year we celebrated 30 years of business. Our company atmosphere is positive and our employees always do their best work. Companies that we work with come to us for advice and rely on us to provide them with the best options for their facilities. We have created a company that is always associated with quality work and friendship.

6.  What’s interesting about the photos you’ve included?

The photos we have included are interesting because of the differences in the projects that we have done. All of the different companies and institutions we provide service for have such different set-ups and installations—they’re pretty cool to take a look at.

7. What’s the biggest opportunity you feel your company has?

The biggest opportunity we have is to continue to grow. Not just in customer base, but also in our knowledge of our field and products. We are constantly attending trade shows to expand our consumer base and get our name out there. Attending these shows gives us the perfect opportunity to connect with consumers and discover market trends, needs, and wants.

8.  When you talk about Autoflame, you almost always discuss…..?

The design of the controls are always top quality. Autoflame never disappoints with keeping up with the trends in technology which always makes the products more attractive to customers.

Recent Installations

Below are case studies from 6 different installations performed by PVR Technical Services, LLC, using Autoflame equipment. These are a variety of different project which are interesting to look through.

Project #1

Retrofitted Limpsfield Burner, Cleaver Brooks boiler with Autoflame controls.


Project #2

Limpsfield LC Series Burner Retrofitted on Cleaver Brooks Boiler with Autoflame Controls.



 Project #3

Mounted Autoflame Controls in a leading pharmaceutical plant.


Project #4

Limpsfield burners on Hurst Boilers with Autoflame Controls at a leading greenhouse facility.


Project #5

Mounted Autoflame controls for Unilux Boiler with a Weishaupt burner at a University.


Trade Show

Buildings NY 2016, Jacob K. Davits Centre.