Returns Policy

Procedure for Returning Goods for Repair


Click here to download RGA Form

Return Procedure

  1. Complete form.
  2. Email completed form to (unless it is an EGA return inside the USA, which goes to
  3. Await our reply via email. We will confirm that it is a valid repair typically in one business day. We will issue you an RGA number.
  4. Ship unit. Include the RGA number with your repair outside the box. Include a copy of the completed RGA form with the shipment.

If you have any questions, please email, or call +44 01959 578 823. For questions about EGA orders inside the USA, please contact

RGA Terms and Conditions

  1. If an RGA Form is received with blank fields, we will not send an RGA Acknowledgement until the required information is given.
  2. For ‘Description of Fault,’ any responses such as unknown fault will not be accepted. Units will be sent back at customer’s cost if the online RGA Form is not completed prior to sending the unit back to us.
  3. If a unit is not received after 30 days of the RGA Acknowledgement being sent, the company will be contacted. After no response within 48 hours, this unique reference number will closed.
  4. The unit must be sent back with Purchase Order (PO) regardless of the circumstance i.e. under warranty, restock etc. Any units sent back to Autoflame without a PO will be put into quarantine and if we do not receive the PO within 30 days of receipt of unit, this unit will be sent back to the customer at their cost, or disposed of.
  5. After a unit is inspected/ repaired, we can hold the unit for up to 30 days, however after this 30 days period the unit will be sent back to the customer at their cost, or disposed of.

Shipping Instructions: 

  1. The paperwork should be inserted inside the box (Customs tend to remove copies on the outside of the box).
  2. Try to return goods in original cartons. If goods are not packed out with adequate packaging in-transit damage can occur and may not be immediately obvious on unpacking goods. EGA units must be sent back in their original packaging, any other packaging could result in-transit damage. Damaged caused by transit damage will not be covered under warranty.
  3. Countries outside the EU must complete customs paperwork stating that the goods are for Repair and Return only and that C101 authorisation applies (Repair goods for temporary export only). If the Customs paperwork is not correctly completed Autoflame may be charged by the Customs authority, these charges are forwarded to the customer returning the goods.

Once the goods have been received at Autoflame, an Acknowledgement will be raised and sent to the customer. The Acknowledgement will state the received date, the estimated dispatch date, the reference/P/O number, the items received including serial numbers and the basic cost of the repair.

The following memo will also appear:


Please note that in the case of suspected Warranty items the above still applies as until the item has been examined the Warranty cannot be validated. If the unit is found to be Beyond Economical Repair, a Repair report will be sent to the customer explaining the reason why.

In some cases Warranty items that are sent back with ‘No fault found’ will be charged for at the basic repair cost. We still have to carryout standard procedures which include time testing. The transportation costs will be paid by the Customer. The transportation costs for Warranty items will only apply if agreed in advance with Autoflame Engineering.

The invoice will follow after dispatch and this will include the Fault diagnosis of the repair.