This product has been superseded by the Mk8 EGA EVO.


Continuous Emission monitoring Software


Ability to monitor the exhaust gas and determine the exact amounts (volumetric and weight) of each of the exhaust gas parameters. These values are dependent on the fuel input, the calorific value of the fuel and the exhaust gas values (%, ppm).


Monitoring Capabilities:

Oxygen (O2)% by Volume
Carbon Monoxide (CO)ppm (parts per million)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)% by Volume
Nitrogen Oxide (NO)ppm (parts per million)
Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)ppm (parts per million)
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)ppm (parts per million)
Combustion Efficiency% (a calculation of CO2 and delta temperature)
Exhaust Gas TemperatureDegrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
Ambient TemperatureDegrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
Delta TemperatureDegrees Celsius or Fahrenheit

NO and SO2 or NO2 are monitored only, not used for combustion trim, although limits can be set for NO.