Draft Control


Draft control is used to manage the excess draught from stacks so heat transfer from the hot gases to the boiler is optimised.

Other benefits of draft control include:

  • Improved combustion efficiency
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Improved flame stability
  • Reduced soot accumulation

Using the Mk8 MM Controller, Autoflame’s Draft Control expansion software feature is easily unlocked by using an activation code and the Download Manager software.

  • Manages stack draught to optimise heat transfer from the burner to the boiler
  • Sensor in the stack monitors pressure
  • Damper modulates to increase/decrease flue gas flow based on commissioned pressure

The draft servomotor can be used for draft control trim operation to maintain the commissioned draft pressure.

The draft servomotor can be used for draft control trim with an air pressure sensor, or as a draft servomotor which drives to commissioned positions along the firing curve.

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Mk8 MM Controller



Large Servomotor

Large Servomotor