Expansion Board for Mk7 Controller


Add Draft Control and Water level Control on MK7 MM

Including software

Part number:

EB7001 (Standard)

EB70002 (Includes housing and pillars)


By adding the Autoflame Expansion Board to the Mk7 Evolution MM Controller, the following operations become available:

  • Draft Control
  • Modulating Feedwater Control
  • “2nd Low” Switching Philosophy
  • Shunt Switch Philosophy
  • Bottom Blowdown Management
  • Historical Water Level Alarm Record
  • First Out Annunciation
  • Integration of External Auxiliary Water Level Controls
  • Steam Flow Metering
  • Heat Flow and Hot Water Flow Metering
  • Second Low Probe
  • Continuous Modulating TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Management


Outputs: 120/230V

Main Voltage Signal Inputs:

  • At 120V Current Loading Approximately 0.6mA
  • At 230V Curernt Loading Approximately 1.15mA

Refer to Mk7 Electrical Specifications for other general ratings