Upgrade Your Cleaver Brooks Boiler

Outdated controllers like this are difficult to operate. We offer systems that are much more intuitive to users and enable much simpler reporting. 

Reduce fuel usage by 8-10% by upgrading away from the above Cleaver Brooks cam/servo/linkage system. 

The above traditional linkage can be improved to a modern servo assembly, resulting in a 10 to 12% fuel savings.


Cleaver Brooks Alternatives

Thousands of Cleaver Brooks Boilers have been significantly upgraded by Autoflame. These system upgrades feature:

  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced fuel consumption (upgrades can pay for themselves very quickly)
  • Quickly available replacement parts
  • Local installation and support
  • Low-cost maintenance design

Contact us for alternative solutions for:

  • Boiler Controllers
  • Burners
  • Touch-screen management
  • Exhaust analysis
  • Servomotors, sensors, probes and valves
  • Linkageless systems
  • Remote management

Older Cleaver Brooks burners like above will often burn at very poor efficiency and require frequent servicing. We can offer a variety of burner options to improve boiler performance, typically reducing fuel usage by 20-30%. 

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We have local [geoip_detect2 property="mostSpecificSubdivision"] support that can provide you options for resolving your Cleaver Brooks issues. Autoflame knows Cleaver Brooks systems very well--we've been providing alternatives for more than 40 years.


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