Annual Autoflame China Training School 2018

The annual Autoflame China Training School was held in Shanghai on the 27th and 28th of March this year.

The 2-day course covered the complete Autoflame Combustion Management System, and involved in-depth technical presentations, common wiring mistake analysis and hands-on training.

Almost 60 engineers from 24 OEMS or Tech Centres attended the training. The general feedback was very positive as after the training, all that attended had a great understanding of our systems, what they can achieve, how the systems work and in particular, the detailed system configurations for different setups.

Attendees also had many chance to apply this new knowledge with some hands-on training and workshops showcasing the operation of our systems.

Autoflame Training Seminars Announced for Chattanooga, Louisville, Dubai and York!

Autoflame is rolling out a new set of training seminars to give council on our products and how to best use them to run your boiler system. Click here to view a typical training seminar schedule.

Our next training seminars will be held by the team from WARE Inc., in Chattanooga on 14-15 September, 2017 and in Louisville on 18-19 September, 2017. Check their hand out for additional information.

Next up, we’ll be travelling to Dubai, UAE on 18-19, October, 2017 for another intensive training seminar. Contact Autoflame directly for details as the host is yet to be decided.

Finally, Combustion Services Inc., will host its own training seminar in York, PA before the end of the year!

Please contact the hosts directly for information or drop us a line here at Autoflame.

Autoflame Unveils New Mk8 EGA EVO at AHR 2017 – January 2017

Autoflame will introduce the newly released Mk8 Exhaust Gas Analyser (EGA) EVO at the world’s largest HVACR convention, AHR EXPO, next week in Las Vegas. Featuring a completely overhauled touchscreen interface, it continues to offer cutting edge continuous monitoring of industrial and commercial stack emissions. When coupled with an Autoflame MM Controller, it can also provide advanced trim capabilities using three parameters. The new EGA can be configured to conform to all requirements set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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The new product builds on the success of the well-received Mk8 MM Controller and Mini Mk8 Controller, released in 2016 and 2015 respectively. “We’ve seen enormous growth in our company on the strength of our new controllers,” said Marketing Manager Ted Miller. “They feature far more reporting options and a simpler interface than anything we’ve seen in the boiler industry. We used the same philosophy to improve and simplify the Mk8 EGA EVO.”

The new Mk8 EGA EVO demo will be available only at Autoflame partner WARE’s booth (N10135). Autoflame Director Steve Kemp will be at the booth and available for meetings.

“It’s a great opportunity to talk to some of our 97 Technology Centres and let them know we plan to continue on with the momentum we’ve been building,” said Steve. Autoflame technology will be on display on a number of burner manufacturer booths, but will not be exhibiting in their own booth for this show.

Contact Steve Kemp on his US cell at (620) 218 3760 to schedule a meeting during AHR.

Click here to learn more about the Mk8 EGA EVO

Autoflame EU Sales Conference Demonstrates New Mk8 MM, Coming EGA Upgrades, More – December 2016

Autoflame concluded its annual EU sales conference on Friday. With the largest attendance in memory, Technical Centres from Spain, Turkey, Greece, Israel, France, Estonia, Switzerland, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Hungary learned about Autoflame’s latest product developments. 

“In the past three years we’ve introduced a new Mini Mk8, Mk8 MM Controller, and Mk8 EGA. Those are our flagship products–so to cover all that in just two days was quite a lot,” said Nadeem Iqbal, EU Business Development Manager for Autoflame. “Many said it just wasn’t enough time, so they are scheduling return visits for more advanced technical training.” 

BK Labtech, the leading boiler training facility near London, hosted much of the conference for Autoflame. “We’re in the business of combustion engineering education,” said BK Labtech Training Coordinator Zenaida Grant. “We feature Autoflame on all our boilers and we’re also in Biggin Hill, so it’s a natural fit for us to host their conference. We had a nice mix of both hands-on boiler demonstrations in our boiler room with myself and (Autoflame Engineer) Robert Dodd, as well as classroom training by James Hannant (Autoflame Engineering Manager), Nadeem Iqbal and Ted Miller (Autoflame Marketing Manager).” 

The conference also included factory tours of manufacturing, R&D and support facilities, as well as meetings with senior Autoflame management and general networking sessions. Attendees included HPI, Gasindur, Caloria SA, Chagay Energy, Combifire, Filter OOD, Filter EU, Selnikel, Sincra, BIW and Tri-Or Kft

Photos from event:

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Chinese Market Continues to Grow with Autoflame November 2016

Boiler plant automation innovator Autoflame continues to see rapid growth in the Chinese market. “Our customers continue to see great value in the Chinese-language touchscreens,” says Ji Zhou, Chinese Business Development Manager at Autoflame. “It’s support of FGR and mesh-head burners have really helped many Chinese, American and European burner OEM’s revolutionize industrial and commercial boilers there.”

Below are some photos of recent installations performed by Hofamat, a leading Chinese burner manufacturer.

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New Checklist for Boiler Upgrades: Typical Boiler Problems Resolved with Autoflame October 2016

One of our customers recently requested a checklist to pass along to their staff as to what issues to look for when considering a boiler room upgrade. We produced this checklist, and they found it extremely useful. We hope you do as well. Download PDF here.  Click here to download PDF.



Tech Centre Spotlight: WARE, Inc.

WARE has been a leading US Autoflame Tech Centre for quite a long time. With their own extremely active Youtube channel, they publish regular shows about steam in general (Steam Culture) and more specific shows about boilers (Boiling Point). They also have a great e-commerce site devoted to boiler parts.

They are widely known for their boiler rental services–WARE builds their own rentals, and every system over 350hp comes with Autoflame. They have one of the largest rental fleets in the US, with 50-1000hp Mobile Boiler Rooms, and 30k lb/hr to 75,000 lb/hr Trailer Mounted Equipment with superheat available.  They also offer up to 250,000 lb/hr skid boilers.

Gerald Blain, Regional Manager at WARE, took some time to work with me on the following Tech Centre spotlight. As with everything WARE does, it’s very comprehensive, featuring 11 photo case studies.





Ted Miller
Marketing Manager


8 Questions with Gerald Blain and WARE

1.   How long have you been with Autoflame?

Since 1996.

2.   What geographic area do you cover?

Kentucky, Indiana, Southern Ohio, Northern Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia.

3.   What markets are you most widely known for?

WARE is widely known in the high-pressure steam and combustion business. Serving Industrial and large commercial / Institutional markets.

We provide complete boiler rooms, rentals, energy retrofits, valves, training, service, and repair.

4.   To what do you attribute your success?  What are you most proud of?

Since 1952 WARE has built a legacy on the production and support of steam for all its applications. A legacy that stands on the shoulders of hard work and never compromised product quality. We have an unwavering concern to care for the customer first, and take pride in our performance.

We aren’t out to be the biggest boiler and steam provider, but we are out to be the best at serving our customers and keeping the steam on. We have great respect for those who set the foundation in place and did the hard things that we are building on currently. We must always consider how our work (and how we work) will affect that legacy moving forward.

From our WARE family beginnings to our family of WARE employees today, we will continue to give a nod to our legacy and remind ourselves to look beyond the work we do every day, and remember to be personal, accepting, fun, creative, demanding, generous, rewarding, humble and affirming to keep our family growing.

5.   What’s interesting about the photos you’ve included?

We have retrofitted all the different makes and models with great success for our customers.

6.   What’s the biggest opportunity you feel your company has?

With the aging workforce in our industry, WARE is committed to its Education and Training programs.

We believe committing to providing the next generation of talent sets WARE apart from the competition.

7.   When you talk about Autoflame, you almost always discuss…..?

We talk about the product of course and how Autoflame is the inventor of fuel/air ratio control.  But more importantly, we discuss the people and the company and the quality of product and the innovation at AutoFlame.

They stand behind the product and always do the right thing.

8.   Anything else readers might want to know about you?

To people and businesses dependent on steam for their livelihood, WARE is the standard for steam production, innovation and education. By focusing on production, education and innovation for the steam industry, WARE provides the highest quality steam solutions to simplify your life and keep you up and running. Because WARE’s legacy was built on understanding the value of steam and we believe in the pride of a job well done in the service of others.

WARE. All Ways Steam.

All WARE rentals are equipped with the AutoFlame system

Project 1

Four Roses

100,000 pph Victory

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Project 2

Darling International
1500 hp Hurst

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Project 3

60,000 pph Victory Energy

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Project 4

GEO Specialty
800 hp York Shipley



Project 5

Sherwin Williams
300 hp CB

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Project 6

St. Vincent Hospital
2@22,000 pph 1@30,000 pph Industrial water tubes

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Project 7

Murray State University
3@600 hp York Shipley

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Project 8

Four Roses
40,000 pph Nebraska Industrial Water tube

Project 9

Woodford Reserve Distillery
2@300 hp York Shipley

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 Project 10

Buffalo Trace Distillery
CB 60,000 PPH Gas, 2 oil and Gas Alcohol blend

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Project 11

78,000PPH watertube steam boiler at Heaven Hill




WARE Parts

WARE Rentals



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British Control Manufacturer Rapidly Expands in China by Helping Reduce NOx Emissions- September 2016


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Slideshow: A recent Autoflame installation in China

Autoflame has rapidly expanded their distribution in China on the strength of their new Mini Mk8 and Mk8 MM Boiler Controls. Two years ago it had 3 distributors in South East Asia. It currently has 18 and growing. Autoflame technology will also be very prominent at the coming HEATEC China show in Shanghai.

“Autoflame offers a very intuitive touchscreen boiler control that’s in the Chinese language,” says Autoflame Business Development Manager Ji Zhou. “The Chinese are very much under pressure to reduce NOx emissions, and Autoflame has been a perfect fit for their boiler rooms.”


Tech Centre Spotlight: Yowns Boiler – September 2016

About the Tech Centre Spotlight:

With more than 90 Tech Centres around the planet, Autoflame has partnerships with a wide variety of businesses who support our products with outstanding installation and service. The Tech Centre Spotlight allows us to focus on the successes of an individual Tech Centre. We begin this feature with Yown’s.

Gary Yown, President of Yown’s Boiler & Furnace Service, Inc, took a few minutes to answer the following questions and put together 4 fantastic installation slideshows of recent Autoflame applications. I think they do a great job of showing nice before and after photos of his installs in Cleaver-Brooks, IC, Superior Boiler, and Hurst Boiler environments.

From all of us at Autoflame, thanks for taking the time to help us with this, Gary, and thanks for being an outstanding Technology Centre for us!


Ted Miller
Marketing Manager


Seven Questions:

1.  How long have you been with Autoflame?

12 years

2.  What geographic area do you cover?

North Florida/ South Georgia, approximately a 200 mile radius from Jacksonville, FL. Encompassing areas from Savannah Ga. To Orlando Fl.

3.  What markets are you most widely known for (industrial, commercial, manufacturing, schools, etc.)

We provide services to both industrial & commercial accounts. Hospitals, Chemical manufacturers, Food processors, and School systems.

4.  To what do you attribute your success?

Hard work, honesty, integrity. Always stand behind your work.

5.  What are you most proud of?

We’re very proud of the company we have built over the past 37 years, and the dedicated employees that helped to make Yown’s a success.

6.  What’s the biggest opportunity you feel your company has?

To continue to be a leader in energy efficiency upgrades, with cutting edge technology.

7.  When you talk about Autoflame, you almost always discuss…..?

That Autoflame was the first to develop the parallel positioning system, and that all the options are included into one control instead of having to add on a lot of extra components to achieve the same results.


Recent Installations

Below are 80 slides from 4 different installations performed by Yown’s Boiler using Autoflame equipment. These are beautiful before/after slideshows that are well worth a few minutes to look through. If you can’t see these slideshows in your email browser, please visit the linked web page.


Project #1

United State Navy, Mayport Naval Station, Mayport,Fl.

3ea. 30KPPH Industrial Watertube Boilers

1 ea. 400 hp Cleaver-Brooks Fire Tube Boiler

Autoflame Equipment: 4 ea. MK-7 W/L,New Water Columns, EGA’s

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Project #2

U/F Shands Medical Center, Jacksonville, Fl

2ea. 400 hp Hurst Fire Tube Boilers, w/2 ea. IC, Model ELG 168, Natural Gas/#2 oil Burners

Autoflame Equipment: 2ea. MK-7s & DTI

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Project #3

Chicken of the Sea Tuna Plant, Lyons, Ga.

1ea. 1500 Superior Fire Tube Boiler

Retrofitting Limpsfield LCN200, Natural Gas Burner

Autoflame Equipment: 1ea.Complete A/F panel w/ MK-7 WL, VFD , EGA

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Project #4

Reedy Creek Energy Services, Epcot Central Energy Plant, Orlando, Fl

3ea.800 hp Cleaver-Brooks Fire Tube Boilers

3ea. Limpsfield CB Natural Gas/#2 oil Burner Conversions

Autoflame Equipment: 3ea. Medium panels,MK-7s. VFD & DTI


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About Yowns

Yown’s Boiler & Furnace Service, Inc. has been in the mechanical contracting business in Jacksonville, FL since 1979. Although Yown’s is state certified to perform all areas of mechanical contracting, we specialize in boilers, steam and industrial process applications. We are an ASME Code Certified company holding the “S”, “U” and “R” stamps as necessary to perform all pressure vessel manufacturing or repairs.

Some of our product lines include Autoflame Combustion Controls Management Systems, Hurst Boiler, Industrial Combustion burners and many more.  Our sales and service area encompasses an approximate 200 mile radius from Jacksonville, Florida. At Yown’s Boiler, customer service and satisfaction are our goals.  Through many years of dedicated, honest and trusted efforts of our company, we have earned the working relationship with some of Jacksonville’s major industrial customers such as Anheuser- Busch, United State Gypsum, Renessenz Chemical, Castleton Beverage (Bacardi), Packaging Corporation of America and many more.

Whether it is new boiler equipment, rental boilers, combustion service or controls, our focus is our customers.  When it comes to steam, we stand ready and willing to anticipate and answer your requirements. As company president, I can assure you that Yown’s Boiler & Furnace Service will always strive to offer courteous, professional services for all our valued customers.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.