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Many times a poorly performing burner can see significant gains by upgrading their controls. However, a burner’s life cycle is typically around 15-20 years. Sometimes it’s necessary to retrofit a boiler with a new burner, or replace boiler, burner and controls altogether. Autoflame and our Tech Centre Network have replaced tens of thousands of burners over the past 40 years, and have assembled this comparison chart of the industry leaders based on that experience.

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Burner General Specifications

BurnerLocRegMin HpMax HpMin kWMax MWGasOilHeavy OilDual
BurnerLocRegMin HpMax HpMin kWMax MWGasOilHeavy OilDual
BeckettOHUSA12196488 1.4--
CIB UnigasITEU19898481467.0
Clean FlameFIEU767051550.0
Coen-HamworthyOKUSA 2682 160922 20000 120.0-
General BruciatoriITEU159005144.0-
ElcoDEEU14 6036011 45.0-
Industrial CombustionWIUSA22 39270161 29.2-
LamborghiniCaloreclimaIT EU22267316.620.0
LimpsfieldUKEU30 41571220 31.0
Nu-WayUKEU192412814 18.0 -
OilonFIEU543954440 29.5-
Power FlameKSUSA12 362909 27.0
RutliCHEU151394111 10.4-
SaackeDEEU1 1341021100.0
SelnikelTUEU468 2950034919.7
Wayne CombustionINUSA113430.7--
WebsterKSUSA4026015298 19.4-
WeishauptDEEU164291212 32.0-
ZantinghNLEU150118774 1120 50.0
Loc: Location of headquarters by Country or US state.  Reg: Region of world.  Hp/kW/MW: Horsepower (US) or Kilowatt/Megawatt range of burners.  Gas: Burner supports Natural Gas.  Oil: Burner supports Oil. Dual: Can switch between Natural Gas and Oil.


Burner Ratings

BurnerInit CostOper CostMax TdMin O2QuotesWarrantySite
BurnerInit CostOper CostMax TdMin O2QuotesWarrantySite
Beckett$$---18 maSite
CIB Unigas$$$$----Site
Clean Flame$$$$$$10:1---Site
Credfeld$$$$$$$$---12 coSite
Elco$$$$$$---24 ma (gas), 12 (oil)Site
Faber$$$$$$$10:1--18 ma, 12 coSite
FBR Bruciatori$$$$$$----Site
Industrial Combustion$$$$$$----Site
General Bruciatori$$$$$$$----Site
Johnson$$$$$$---18 ma, 12 coSite
Limpsfield$$$$10:1<3%1 Day12 ma + 3 mo delSite
Power Flame$$$$$20:1--15 maSite
Riello$$$$---24 maSite
Saacke$$$$$$$$7:1--12 maSite
Wayne Combustion$$$$$$----Site
Webster$$$$$$12:13%-18 ma (gas), 36 (oil)Site
Weishaupt$$$$$$$20:1<3%-24 maSite
Zantingh$$$$$$7:13-4%-12 maSite
Rating: Our objective overall review of this manufacture based on customer experience and satisfaction. Init Cost: Our overall experience in the initial cost of buying the burner and having it installed. Oper Cost: Our overall experience in ongoing operational costs, including fuel consumption (relative to similar sized burners), operation and servicing. Quotes: Typical number of business days to deliver a Quote. This is a good barometer for overall responsiveness from manufacturer. If they take 3 weeks to deliver a quote, imagine what it will be like getting support after the sale. Min 02: Minimum percent of O2 emissions with no CO throughout the firing range. The lower this number is, the cleaner the burner runs. Max Td: Maximum Turn Down ratio offered. A 1000kW (or 1MW) burner with a 10:1 turndown ratio has a minimum output of 100 kW. A high turn down ratio is desirable because it allows the burner to remain firing during off-peak times with very little fuel consumption. Warranty: Manufacturer’s warranty in months. “Ma” means the warranty begins from date the burner leaves the Manufacturer, while “co” indicates the warranty begins on date of Commissioning.


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