Autoflame Opens New Commercial/Industrial Boiler Training Facility Near London April 2016

Autoflame has announced the opening of its new boiler training facility at its headquarters in Biggin Hill, Kent, UK. The facility features fully operational steam boilers and hot water boilers, complete with the latest Autoflame MM Controls, Exhaust Gas Analysers (EGA’s) and Data Transfer Interfaces (DTI’s).

Training sessions began last week with a major American Technology centre and a leading European burner manufacturer, and will continue to expand. “We’ve had a great deal of interest in our training facility already,” says Sales Director Steve Kemp. “We are the only boiler training facility within London that provides such extensive training. We’re asking companies to book up to a month in advance at this point.”

Attendees have had a positive reaction to the new training program. “Great job with the training, and the new facility is awesome!” said Myron Burnett, Area Service Manager at Brady Services, a North Carolina-based Technology Centre.

The boiler training program currently includes three courses: Combustion Engineer Training (for Autoflame Technology Centres), Boiler Operator Training (which instructs users of Autoflame equipment how to maximize efficiency), and Boiler Efficiency and Fuel Savings (an introduction to Autoflame technology). There are plans to expand into other areas of boiler management.

For more information on Autoflame boiler training, click here.

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Short video of training facility: