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Linkageless Systems: Carburetors vs Fuel Injection

Traditional boiler systems rely on linkage to control the fuel/air ratio of the burner, in much the way older cars used linkage on a carburetor. Much like the automotive carburetor, linkage systems on boilers are outdated technology. Over time, linkage becomes out of calibration due to hysteresis, or “linkage slop.” Additionally, linkage can only control a very narrow range of functions on a boiler based on a few inputs. Overall, linkage systems are less fuel efficient, require much more servicing, and generate more emissions. If you are considering a new boiler, definitely avoid linkage systems, as any marginal savings in the purchase will quickly be lost in ongoing costs.

MiniMk8-Box-animation6-SMAutoflame manufactures linkageless controls that fully automate any of the above boilers. In much the way a modern fuel injection system controls fuel/air mix in a car, an
Autoflame controller precisely controls several servomotors that carefully coordinate boiler operation for optimal performance.  This automation reduces fuel costs, stack emissions and maintenance costs. Additionally, the controller can manage all of the boiler functions simultaneously, including flame safeguard, TDS, Blowdown, Draft Control, VPS, VSD, water level control, reporting, lockout logging, sequencing, scheduling and more. This comprehensive approach to boiler management ensures the boiler is always operating optimally and safely.

Autoflame controllers are completely touchscreen, making monitoring and operation of the boiler much more intuitive. Click here to learn more about our boiler controls. 

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