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A good boiler may last between 30 and 50 years, provided it is properly maintained and has quality controls. Autoflame and our global Tech Centre Network have worked on tens of thousands of commercial and industrial boilers over the past 40 years. Based on our experience, we’ve assembled data to help engineers, purchasers and managers better understand what options are available to them in our industry. Also, keep in mind that many boiler problems can be resolved by just replacing the burner and control.

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BoilerLocRegStWaMin HpMax HpMin kWMax MWInit CostOper CostWarSite
BoilerLocRegStWaMin HpMax HpMin kWMax MWInit CostOper CostWarSite
Ascentec GMBHDEEU1343352510025.0$$$$$$-Site
Babcock WansonFREU121245309018.3$$$$$-Site
Bosch CommercialDEEU1385166510338.0$$$$$$-Site
Burnham CommercialPAUSA1014281.2$$$$$$-Site
Cleaver BrooksWIUSA1543471132.4$$$$$$$$-Site
JohnstonMIUSA502500371.9$$$$$15 yearsSite
Sigma ThermalGAUSA3933137929323.4$$$$$$-Site

Loc/Reg: Shipping a boiler can be quite expensive. We have organised manufacturers by State or Country (Location) and Region of the World (Reg).  Hp/kW/MW: Different countries measure boiler output by either Horsepower or Kilowatts/Megawatts. Rating: Our objective overall review of this manufacture based on customer experience and satisfaction. Init Cost: Our overall experience in the Initial cost of buying the boiler and having it installed. Oper Cost: Our overall experience in ongoing Operational costs, including fuel consumption (relative to similar sized boilers), operation and servicing. St: This boiler manufacturer offers Steam boilers. Wa: This boiler manufacturer offers Hot Water boilers. War: Published warranty policy, typically from date of manufacture. Some manufacturers will offer a separate warranty from date of first commissioning.


Selecting the Correct Burner

Although most boiler manufacturers have partnerships with one or two burner manufacturers, in most instances you can choose whichever burner you would like. It is often to your advantage to specify your own burner, because the boiler manufacturer will often default to the cheapest, least energy efficient burner it has access to in order to keep their costs down. While this may reduce your purchasing price, it will cost you quite a bit more in the long run in fuel usage, excess emissions, service and parts. Click here to compare burners. 


Boiler Controls: The Most Important Step

The boiler and burner are the most expensive parts of a boiler system, but the last major component, boiler control, is perhaps the most critical. This is because how a boiler is commissioned and then managed will likely have more impact on fuel usage, emissions, servicing and total cost of ownership than any other factor.  Because boiler controls aren’t as expensive as the other parts, they are often mistakenly overlooked by the buyer. Boiler and burner companies view them as a necessary expense that they have to include in a quote, so they often tend to minimize their importance and go with the cheapest, least efficient, less reliable option. Save money and headaches by learning more about the difference quality controls can make. Click here to learn more about controls. 


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