Autoflame Reveals New Smartphone Comparison Graphics June 2016


Autoflame has introduced new branding graphics likening their signature MM Boiler Controllers to smartphone technology. The graphic observes that smartphone users rely on their comprehensive capabilities (camera, navigation, communication, entertainment) through a single touchscreen interface. Autoflame Controllers take a similar approach as a comprehensive solution, from flame safeguard to draft control to VPS to water level management to dozens of other boiler management features, all through a touchscreen.

“We’ve been manufacturing the touchscreen controls really since the very first iPhone,” says Marketing Manager Ted Miller. “It’s just a natural comparison that people just ‘get’. If you want to manage your commercial or industrial boiler through a single smart touchscreen device, come to us. The integration has a hidden benefit of being much thriftier at natural gas and oil consumption for your boiler. If you want to do it piecemeal, and likely pay more in fuel usage and have higher emissions, there are less sophisticated options out there.”