Autoflame Releases More Information About New Industrial Kiln, Furnace and Drier Capabilities August 2016

In the new edition of the Mk8 MM Controller brochure (download here) Autoflame expands on their impressive new industrial drier, kiln and furnace capabilities. This system will be much more affordable than traditional custom Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) configurations due to the standardized hardware and software.

“The new capabilities available in the Mk8 MM allow us to coordinate up to 10 burners in a single application,” says Autoflame Marketing Manager Ted Miller. “Our 90+ technology centres primarily use our products for steam and hot water boilers. This new technology, however, allows them to greatly expand the markets they serve.”

Plants that use this technology will be safer and should see significant reductions in application downtime.

See page 8 of the new brochure for more details.