Autoflame Announces Launch of Revolutionary Touchscreen Boiler Controller

Autoflame Engineering LTD has announced the release of the new Mk8 MM Boiler Controller. Boiler controllers are specialised computers that manage boiler performance and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the burner. Designed for commercial and industrial steam and hot water boilers, the Mk8 MM system is the first of its kind on a number of fronts.

The most revolutionary aspect is the number of features available without added modules or hardware. All Autoflame controllers have access to a wide variety of functions, including flame safeguard, scheduling, sequencing, reporting, fuel/air ratio control and lockout management as standard.  Autoflame is the only company in the industry not to use multiple modules to achieve these functions.

However, the Mk8 MM adds to this with advanced operations including water level management, draft control, TDS/top/bottom blowdown and steam/heat flow metering. The Mk8 MM can unlock all of these features and more with software access codes. The Mk8 MM supersedes the extremely popular Mk7 MM, which had similar capabilities but required an extra PCB expansion board to be installed.

The touchscreen for the Mk8 MM received significant upgrades as well. While boiler rooms are often managed through small four inch LCD screens, Autoflame continues to break the mould with a larger interactive, high definition, multi-touch screen interface. The 12.1” capacitive display gives users access to more than 50 screens of reporting and control over the boiler operation.

Autoflame has consistently held the reputation for the most heavy duty equipment in the boiler room. The Mk8 MM is no exception. The touchscreen incorporates a chemically toughened anti-scratch and UV resistant glass, packaged within a steel powder-coated enclosure, providing a NEMA4/IP65 enclosure for the most demanding boiler room environments.This near bulletproof exterior houses the hardware and software platform, rigorously tested by UL and CE, and in compliance with the NFPA 85 and CSD1 safety standards.

Autoflame understands that when it comes to fuel/air ratio and flame safeguard control there must be zero chance of safety being compromised. There is an increase concern by the combustion industry of building management and automation companies being able to intrusively interface with burner controls. Surprisingly, the majority of industrial burners are leaning more towards customisable PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controls), where with the right access code/password, the logic can be modified by anyone. This can lead to flame safeguard settings being changed, causing potentially dangerous operating conditions.

Tampering with critical safety control software is designed to be impossible with Autoflame. Their systems ensure that the settings clearly defined by international test authorities such as UL and CE are maintained, all in accordance to the NFPA and CSD1 standards for industrial burner/boiler operation.

As technology evolves, Autoflame understands that security cannot be sacrificed. Every twelve to eighteen months, computers double their capabilities, and so do the information technologies that use them. The current eleven months doubling rate of technology known as “The Law of Accelerating Returns” is getting faster. Three dimensional processors and memory drives along with biological, photon, and quantum computing will keep the rate of information improvement at an exponential pace.

The Speed of change is exponential.

The amount of technological advancement that occurred in the year 2000 occurs every 1 hour and 6 minutes in 2013, and will occur every 30 seconds in 2020

Technology has become embedded everywhere in the “internet of things,” as smart phones, tablets, glasses, wearable computers, and virtual assistants give solutions instantly. As users get used to this rapid growth, they can feel an outsized sense of what they can and should control in a boiler, and this can be very dangerous.

One thing is certain, while technology is moving at breakneck speeds, there must be careful consideration as to how this is applied to safe and reliable combustion. Brendan Kemp the founder of Autoflame, invented the world’s first electronic fuel/air ratio control some 35 years ago. To this day the team at Autoflame remain the only company in the world to incorporate touchscreen technology for integrated burner controls. Autoflame allows the user to control so much of their boiler, including timing, sequencing, steam/heat flow, air/fuel ratio, TDS, blowdown, flame modulation and water levels. But they also believe in a balance and that creating a safe boiler environment should be left to the experts. With the Mk8 MM Controller, Autoflame is setting a new standard in balancing a wealth of features with boiler room safety.

For more information, visit The Mk8 MM Controller will be available in the first quarter 2016.