Autoflame brings to your boiler many of the benefits of a smartphone:

It just works.

• Versatility

• Quality

• Easy to upgrade

• Ease of use

• Touchscreen

Control & Monitoring for Industrial, Commercial & Steam Boilers

Smaller Boilers



Large Boilers



 Smaller Boilers

Example: Annual cost of fuel     $60,000
Upgrade cost Savings Savings
Autoflame Controls $2,420 3.5% $2,100
Autoflame Water Levels NA NA NA
Recommended Burner Upgrade $15,000 12.5% $7,500
Autoflame EGA Trim $10,605 3.5% $2,100
Total $28,028 $11,700

About 2.4 years to pay for itself

Larger Boilers 

Example: Annual cost of fuel     $600,000
Upgrade cost Savings Savings
Autoflame Controls $4,838 3.5% $21,000
Autoflame Water Levels $5,000 4.0% $24,000
Recommended Burner Upgrade $25,000 15.0% $90,000
Autoflame EGA Trim $10,608 3.5% $21,000
Total $45,446 $156,000

About 4 months to pay for itself

These estimates are for illustration purposes only. Your pricing and savings will vary based on configuration, features, labor, shipping, boiler, application, fuel costs and other variables. Ask for a free site survey to find your savings.  


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  • NEW: Improved interface and reporting

  • NEW: Improved touchscreen

  • NEW: Multi-language support

  • Emissions monitoring 

  • Patented 3 parameter trim

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7 Common Boiler Problems Autoflame Can Resolve

1. Boiler uses linkage controls

Description: Look for metal rods connecting valves close to the burner. These mechanically control the fuel/air ratio. Linkage systems are typically poorly calibrated or out of adjustment, resulting in wasted fuel and excess emission.
Linkage systems are outdated, high-maintenance systems commonly replaced by Autoflame micromodulation servomotor control. A common automotive analogy is carburettors (linkage) and fuel injection (Autoflame).

Resolution: Upgrading to modern Autoflame touchscreen systems invariably results in significant fuel savings almost immediately.

2. High/Low burner

Description: Burner only turns off/on instead of a continuously modulating flame.  High/low burners invariably are less energy efficient, as they result in frequent cycling and poor heat management.

Resolution: Our Tech Centre network can recommend a modulating burner coupled with Autoflame technology that will significantly improve performance.

3. High fuel costs

Description: Excessive fuel costs are a frequent indicator of not only poor boiler performance but excess emissions and possibly unsafe conditions.

Resolution: Autoflame controls coupled with a modern burner typically see fuel savings of up to 35% over antiquated technology.

4. Excess emissions

Description: Excess smoke coming from the stack and/or high emissions readings are a strong indicator that the boiler needs servicing and/or upgrades.

Resolution: By optimising combustion, Autoflame systems can significantly reduce emissions stemming from excess air and related problems.

5. Inefficient operation

Description: Boiler automation can have a number of benefits beyond fuel savings.

Resolution: If you suspect your boiler plant could operate more efficiently, Autoflame can provide an analysis of current operation and recommend improvements. These may include:

  • Optimising performance across multiple boilers
  • Scheduling boiler to operate at certain times
  • Continuously monitor emissions
  • Improve boiler safety

6. Excessive maintenance costs

Description: Many boiler problems manifest themselves in expensive replacement parts, excessive manual monitoring, and frequent service calls.

Resolution: Autoflame automated controls can significantly reduce maintenance costs with high quality, long lasting servomotor control.

7. Other boiler issues

Description: Frequent cycling, lockouts, strange noises, erratic behaviour.

Resolution: Many boiler issues can be difficult to diagnose without proper training. Contact us to have a trained engineer inspect your facility and suggest solutions.


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